For Jay E. Stein, Lending is Just Part of the Gig

July 30, 2017
Over the course of his career, Jay E. Stein has founded a dozen different financial services firms that specialize in a great many business areas in addition to real estate, such as wealth management, financial technology and financial education.In a way, his entire career is about education, as his advisory approach to finance and real estate teaches clients the best way to maximize returns. Overall, his firms have employed thousands of financial professionals and others and they have assisted many thousands of clients, which means he has had an excellent effect on the economy.

As part of the service he offers, Jay E. Stein lends a lot of money to businesses and others, but the truth of the matter is, lending is just a small part of what makes him an excellent financial services professional and real estate advisor. His significant experience goes back for more than a quarter century and includes experience as an entrepreneur and a business strategist. Over time, he has served thousands of clients as a financial services and real estate advisor throughout the United States and all over the world.

In a way, Jay E. Stein operates from the perspective that his mission in life is to change others’ lives for the better. However, the truth is, he prefers to lead by example. That’s why he was sure to get a good education in the first place. He started that phase of his life by studying International Business Finance and Pre-Law at Washington state’s Bellevue College. He wasn’t all work and no play, though, given that he starred on their golf team while there. He’s now all business now, either; he likes to give back to the community through his work mentoring children and helping seniors in any way he can.

Jay Stein: Entrepreneur In Financial Services

April 22, 2017
Jay E. Stein has a history of success in the financial services industry. It is a field that has always interested him, ever since his career began in earnest. He has almost three decades of experience in the industry and it shows when he discusses financial services with clients. He is a thought leader and business innovator who is proud to help partners and clients thrive by offering what he knows as a helping hand to their efforts.

Stein is an entrepreneur, business strategist, and financial services real estate advisor, having served in the latter role for more than twenty-seven years, helping thousands of individuals around the United States and even internationally. He is proud to be considered an educator, principal managing partner, entrepreneur, and business leader.

Over the years, Jay E. Stein has founded more than twelve financial services related businesses. These range in terms of fields from financial technology education platforms to wealth management to real estate finance. Through these ventures, he has employed more than 2,000 individuals. He was proud to be able to be able to mentor a number of his employees and watch their growth. Afterall, he has made it his mission in life to lead by example and help people to change their own lives. This is what has motivated him to work in mentoring in his local community.